Friday, 3 August 2012


No recipe this time, but a question: what’s the strangest/most adventurous/outlandish food you've tried?
Offal (which is confusingly also called ‘sweetbreads’) generally takes out first place on the oddity radar in Australia, where prime cuts are a national obsession and the average Aussie probably consumes all the leftover parts blissfully unaware, in bakery items disguised heavily with sauce.

I'm on to you, Mrs Mac.
Anyway, I didn’t start this just to slag off our cultural icons (though I did learn that the Food Standards code requires a pie to be at least 25 percent meat to be legally sold as such). My memorable offal moment happened earlier this year when Greenhouse were serving ‘brain nuggets’ – a.k.a deep fried lamb’s brains. My boyfriend, along for the ride as always, gamely choked one down. The burghul they came with helped texturally, but the best description I could use to describe how they tasted is grey. And soft. And well..brainy.

Definitely not something I’d be hurrying back to again, though well worth the experience for sh*ts and giggles (as they say), also to pat ourselves on the back later for sampling brains.

Entrails, intestines, pate, blood pudding you rate them as gourmet or garbage?

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